The Valley of Colors

The Vallée des Couleurs in Mauritius offers a breathtaking natural spectacle with its colorful land and sand dunes of varying hues, creating a unique and captivating landscape.
Table avec plats colorés de cuisine créole

Creole Cuisine Tasting

Taste the delights of Creole cuisine. Savor authentic dishes prepared with fresh local ingredients and exotic spices
Bateau de pêche traditionnel au coucher de soleil

Sunset Boat Trip

Enjoy a peaceful boat trip at sunset. Discover the magnificent coastal landscapes of Mauritius under the golden hues of the evening.

Spa at home

Relax with a traditional massage in the hands of a licensed therapist with 20 years' experience. Let yourself be pampered with soothing massages and revitalizing treatments while enjoying the ocean view.
Vélos à Maurice devant un paysage tropical luxuriant

Nature Discovery Bike Trip

Explore the natural beauty of Mauritius on a cycling tour. Ride along picturesque paths, admire the local flora and fauna and breathe in the island's fresh air.